Up and Quick: Lot of winners in France

Figeac Colmi, Glorhea d´Hameline and Floreal are the new winners for this day in France.

Figeac Colmi won Prix de Charhaix (1.17,4/3175 m)

 Figeac Colmifigeac

Glorhea d´Hameline won Prix de Verou (1.21,4/2700 m)
Floreal won Prix d´Agen (1.14,4/2625 m)
Gina de Tilou won this week Prix de Carcassonne (1.17,5/2850 m)

 Gina de Tilougina

Goodmooko and Gaia de Padd was also winners earlier in January

Up and Quick has some offsprings in Finland.
Few days ago we see Imakeituptothesky took the second place on the track Vermo.