Stallions who are available on frozen semen

France Trotting AB present stallions available on frozen semen:

Brillantissime  ♦Few places left for the top sire in statistics♦
Bokningsavgift: € 1000. Levande fölavgift € 7.500 (Sverige)

Bird Parker ♦Full book in France, few places left in Sweden♦ 
Bokningsavgift: € 1000. Levande fölavgift € 7.500 (Sverige)

Dijon ♦High demand for the elitlopp winner♦ 
Bokningsavgift: € 750. Levande fölavgift € 3.000 (Sverige)

Eridan ♦Full book in France, available on frozen also♦ 
Bokningsavgift: € 750. Levande fölavgift € 3.500 (Sverige)

Timoko ♦Very complete offshprings♦
Bokningsavgift: € 1000. Levande fölavgift € 4.500 (Sverige)

Up and Quick ♦Great results everywhere in Europe♦
Bokningsavgift: € 600. Levande fölavgift € 4.500 (Sverige)

Uriel Speed ♦The only stallion with the same sire than Ready Cash♦ 
Bokningsavgift: € 500. Levande fölavgift € 2.750 (Sverige)

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